Interior design

DAKOTA’s talented design team create stylish, innovative and imaginative concepts.

There is no such thing as a ‘typical project’, and we believe that our strength lies in our ability to marry ergonomic, operational and commercial considerations with fresh, creative solutions that are entirely relevant to today’s customer experience. In commercial terms this means providing fully bespoke designs that differentiate venues from their competitors, for our private clients it means generating proposals that reveal their individuality, taste and motivations. We achieve this through a combination of investment in our relationships with the people we work for and with, and a proven ‘critical path’ approach to design and delivery.

Our constant aim is to provide ‘added value’ throughout the design and construction process; be it by applying our knowledge and expertise to optimise budgets and maximize operational flexibility, or by sourcing the most competitive and appropriate products from our trusted network of suppliers, or by offering informed opinion on the marketplace and comparable consumer expectations. Whatever the vision; we can bring something ‘more’ to the table!