We are excited to announce the launch of our newest venture PROTEKT by DAKOTA.

PROTEKT offers bespoke decorative, multi functional screens and hygiene stations in order to reduce the spread of infection and virus transmission between staff and customers to make both customers feel safe to go out, and for staff to feel safe at work.

The package will offer a range of functions such as the reduction of aerosolized virus transmission and item disinfection which can be tailored to your establishment and indeed any company branding that you may have.

As an award-winning, accomplished team of Interior Designers,  we are evolving our business to enable you to keep your business intact for the future.

We can provide a consultation appraisal, free of charge, at a location and time of your choice to help and offer suggestions & guidance on social distancing measures and a tailored signage pack to help you be prepared for the very different future we are all going to be part of.

To see the full brochure: